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As a leading Semi-Truck Glass specialist, we are the experts in windshield chip and crack repair. As such, we see it as our role to constantly examine and report on the effects of windshield chips and cracks when it comes to your Fleets driving safety.

Studies (and our vast experience!) reveals that even minor chips and cracks in windshields can rapidly expand, posing significant safety and security risks for your fleet. Timely repair of these small imperfections is crucial to prevent them from escalating into larger, more hazardous issues. At Big Rig Glass, we emphasize the importance of prompt windshield chip and crack repair services, to ensure your vehicles maintain optimal safety standards. Don’t wait for small damages to become big problems; let us help you keep your fleet safe and secure on the road.

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Box Trucks, Delivery Vans, Bus Glass, Motor Homes, Heavy Equipment, Tractors, ABAS Calibration, and Custom Cut Glass.

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